20 little ducks have a new home on our Duck Pond

Flear’s new residents, 20 little ducks, have been waiting to move on to the pond for several days, but we were having their duck house made, so they have been living in the back barn in the meantime. It’s been warm and comfortable for them there, but nothing could be better than a beautiful big pond, roosting platform and duck house for them in the valley. It’s safe to say they are absolutely loving their new home, hooray for our little ducks!


They started out by doing a few laps of the pond-side to get to see if it would do.


The children love them already and we are down to see them every day. Roo has been attempting to impress them with his bike, in as much as one can impress a duck – which is not much as it turns out.


There’s plenty of space in the parkland of the valley floor, and lots of stream side to forage on if they fancy a change of scene, perhaps they might keep the weeds down? If so, Hooray again for the little ducks of Flear!