A belated welcome to Yara the little Hill Pony !

Yara the Dartmoor Hill Pony has been with us at Flear for nearly two months, and we have been waiting to see how she was fitting in (particularly with Abbie) before officially welcoming her to live here.


Yara, giving us a profile of her new winter coat she’s growing for the season.

We’re delighted to report that Yara has settled in so well, here and Abbie were rubbing along from right from the start as if they had been friends for years.


Yara’s calm nature and her eagerness to learn new things were the main reasons we brought her to Flear. The inquisitive cheekiness comes as standard.

From the moment she arrived, she fell into step alongside Abbie and hasn’t left her side since. We were all surprised at just how well they are suited to each other as friends and companions. Ponies, particularly Dartmoors, make very strong bonds and Abbie and Yara’s new relationship is important for them both, and will last all their lives.


Grazing together, like old friends.

Both ponies spend their time chatting to the ducks over the fence, grazing together quietly or coming to see families up by the gate in the hope of a carrot or two.