The Pool & Spa

The Pool and Spa Complex is exceptional here at Flear and open to all our guests, all year round.

The Pool and Spa complex is open all year round and boasts a magnificent hand-tiled 40′ pool, maintained at 30 degrees. Unlike most complex pools, you can have a proper swim in here, and there’s lots of room to play and splash around with the family so our advice is to do lots of both. There are baskets on the side full of floats, swimming noodles, and water toys for the little ones.

The spacious, star-lit Steam Room is a very relaxing space with plenty of room to sit or lie down.

Outside, set into the Sun Terrace floor awaits the Large hand tiled hot tub, with views across the valley. Go in alone to relax in the calm of the countryside, or take the family in for bubbly fun!

The Treatment Room is operated by our own in-house therapist, with a range of treatments available all year round. Treatments are better booked before your stay, but can often be fitted in at short notice if you decide to treat yourself on a whim – that’s part of what makes a great holiday.

All the facilities are carefully maintained and use Flear’s own natural Spring water for a truly revitalising experience. The spring surfaces on the estate and comes out of the ground beautifully balanced, leaving us needing to interfere only a little bit with the pool and hot tub waters.

There is a family changing room, toilet facilities and baby changing.

The Pool complex is open from 7am to 10pm every day.

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There are also Swimming Lessons in the Pool every week during term time, that are aimed at improving little ones’ confidence in the water. Our Swimming Teacher, Belinda, is very good at getting the best out the children whilst still being fun and not too bossy!