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Summer: picnics, ducklings and fairies come to Flear.

As summer continues at full swing here at Flear the little ones enjoy some fun in the valley and we welcome some cute and even magical arrivals…

Picnic in the Valley

Picnic in the Valley

Playing on the bridge over the stream

Playing on the bridge over the stream

These ducklings were born down at the pond this summer and have been enjoying their new home.

Ducklings at Flear

Ducklings at Flear

We also say hello to some newly fledged young ducks just settling into after arriving this afternoon. We set up a pen for them to get used to the area for a while. It took about an hour for all the other ducks and then the family of Moorhens with their chicks to come to the pen for a chat. You can spot one Moorhen chick (black and fluffy) in this pic just above the pen on the far bank.

Young ducks arrive and are settling in.

Young ducks arrive and are settling in.

And finally we welcome the more magical arrival of a family of Fairies who set up a beautiful harvest camp in Flear House garden. Fairies Tink and Willow communicated with the resident “big people” by secret message and have given their permission for us to use this photo, so we’re really very lucky to be able to show it here. Thanks to Sue, Karen, Lesley and their families for passing on this great pic.

The Fairy house in Flear House garden

The Fairy house in Flear House garden

As the summer continues well into September we are all looking forward to more picnics, barbecues and beach days!

Spring and Spa!

Spring has arrived here in South Devon and brought us some glorious weather, with lots more to come. We’ve been busy making the valley look beautiful, and building a new Steam Room and Spa treatments room in our pool complex and they are now all in full swing.


The new Treatment Room here at Flear.


A variety of treatments are available, please see our Treatments menu for more information.


The Steam Room is a significant upgrade on the old Sauna room and much more effective and relaxing.

There's plenty of space to sit or lie down to relax. For an extra relaxing experience, choose "Starfield" for your lighting.

There’s plenty of space to sit or lie down to relax. For an extra relaxing experience, choose “Starfield” for your lighting…


Meanwhile, the Valley floor has been a glorious sun trap this week, and ready for the multitudes of spring flowers about to bloom.


We had a shower or two one day which prompted the Ducks to come up to the cottages and hang around for titbits!

All in all, Flear has never been in better heart, there are one or two weeks left in May if you can get away do let us know. Next post will likely be on the Bluebell Woods! See you soon.








Christmas at Flear…

It’s Christmas time and here at Flear we have gotten well and truly in to the spirit of the season. Our Christmas and New year guests will get to enjoy one or two of eleven real christmas trees and a christmassy themed play barn… I’ve lost count of how many Baubles we have… Seasons greeting to you all from all of us here at Flear.

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A belated welcome to Yara the little Hill Pony !

Yara the Dartmoor Hill Pony has been with us at Flear for nearly two months, and we have been waiting to see how she was fitting in (particularly with Abbie) before officially welcoming her to live here.


Yara, giving us a profile of her new winter coat she’s growing for the season.

We’re delighted to report that Yara has settled in so well, here and Abbie were rubbing along from right from the start as if they had been friends for years.


Yara’s calm nature and her eagerness to learn new things were the main reasons we brought her to Flear. The inquisitive cheekiness comes as standard.

From the moment she arrived, she fell into step alongside Abbie and hasn’t left her side since. We were all surprised at just how well they are suited to each other as friends and companions. Ponies, particularly Dartmoors, make very strong bonds and Abbie and Yara’s new relationship is important for them both, and will last all their lives.


Grazing together, like old friends.

Both ponies spend their time chatting to the ducks over the fence, grazing together quietly or coming to see families up by the gate in the hope of a carrot or two.