The Grounds


Flear Farm is nestled deep in a secluded and peaceful valley carved in to the South Hams of Devon.

From top to bottom you have Flear Wood home to an ocean of Bluebells in Spring. The stream meanders down the valley and soon finds the Upper Pond where you are welcome to fish for roach and other small fish. As the water flows from the pond it continues down the valley and passes by the Pony Paddock home of Abby and Willow the Dartmoor Ponies.

Rising above them is the steep field of the Orchard, host to a hundred or more apple trees that kindly bestow upon us the gift of fruit each autumn.

We honour that gift by turning it in to our delicious cider, Lennys Revenge. Back at the bottom of the valley the stream continues on down past the Fire Pit and the bridges to Willow Island and on to the Lower Pond home to the family of Ducks and visiting Geese. Overlooking this little bit of paradise are the Cottages themselves and the grand and in parts very very old Flear House. Keeping watch over it all are the Alpacas Alistair, Hazel and Peaches and young master Huxley, newly born in 2019, who are kind enough to share their corner of Flear with the Pikin, Silkie and Bantam Chickens the names of whom are too numerous to list here. As the stream reaches the end of Flear Farm it passes the Pitch & Putt and Tennis Court before it disappears, lost among the trees on its way to Flear Mill, the laughter of children at the outdoor play ground left behind.

The Animals

The Ponies Abby and Willow are quite approachable and adore carrots and nose pats. The Alpaca are quite shy and unlikely to come and say hello too closely. It’s quite safe to pass through both of the paddocks as you wonder down to the Lower Pond or up to Flear Wood. The chickens and ducks often hang out together at the stable picking away at their food on the ground. Occasionally a cheeky squirrel can be seen trying to blend in.