The Honesty Shop


Perfect for missing essentials, little treats, or perhaps just a bit to eat...

Our honesty shop is in the office, just up the hill from the play barn. Inside you will find a freezer full of Ice Creams, and frozen gourmet ready meals with accompaniments and condiments. We also have a section of local snacks and treats as well as our very own home-grown Cider, Lennys Revenge made from apples from Flear Orchard.

The honesty shop is always open, just walk in, take what you need during your stay, filling out the form as you go, and when you are done put the form in one of the provided envelopes along with payment and pop it in the post box outside the office.

A helpful selection of items are available at Flear Farms Honesty shop. Perfect for those small things you may have forgotten or a small treat when your sweet tooth calls.

The frozen gourmet ready meals are hand-made by Gourmade food company. Perfect for those times when you don't want the hassle of cooking, this is a great option. They're high quality and very quick to get ready.


Steak & Ale pie, Beef Bourguignon, Butternut Squash Lasagne, Beef Lasagne, Chicken Korma, Chicken Jalfrezi, Vegetable Madras, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chilli con Carne, Spicy Bean Chilli, Fish Pie, Lamb Moussaka, Beef Stew & Dumplings, Chicken & Bacon Potato Gratin, Cottage Pie, Chicken Ham & Leek Pie and Thai green Chicken Curry.