School holidays come to an end but the Summer rolls on!

As the School Holidays come to an end, we look back on another beautiful Summer, but also look forward to the rest of Summer still to go!

With warm sunny days reaching right to Halloween the last 5 years running, we're hoping this year is no different. Today, to mark the end of School holidays, we had a family trip on the Rivermaid Ferry to the nearby beaches and fishing village of Salcombe.A lazy start at Flear meant that by the time we arrived, the first thing we needed to do was feed the kids. The ferry handily drops-off outside the The Ferry Inn. We had a decent meal outside overlooking the Estuary and the beaches on the other side.After lunch, a fun but VERY brief ride on the East Portlemouth Ferry left us on the sands on the other side of the estuary, for a few hours of lovely beach time.The Water is a good temperature for swimming at this time of year. No wetsuits required!Lots of sandy shoreline, so beautiful and almost deserted compared to just a few days ago.The Wooded Hills that surround the beaches above make it a truly breathtaking environment. Of course the views are largely wasted on the boys who are more concerned with running in and out of the surf, pretending to be speedboats, or throwing stones into the water endlessly, delighting in each splash as if it's the first they've ever seen. It's simple fun, but we're relaxed, and that allows them to be...A calm journey home up the Estuary to Kingsbridge. A brilliant and easy day out - Recommended to our families! (Ferry Timetimes are in the Playbarn).